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Your Diet Sucks.

I Can Fix It.


I get it - you want to:

  • lose weight
  • have more energy
  • beat bloating
  • tone up

But the diet industry has failed you with fad diets and challenges that promise to solve your problem - except all they do is make things worse! So, what do you do next? I know.

It's Time to Dump Your Diet.™️

How in the world do we do that?!?!

It's easy:

  1. Create health supportive habits and behaviors
  2. Utilize food and movement to BOOST health and energy, instead of as punishment
  3. Use evidence from labs, symptoms, and other bio-feedback to introduce functional supplementation

Through taking care of our bodies from the inside out, it's POSSIBLE to create the health & physical transformations we desire - and KEEP the progress that we achieve.

I'm Intrigued... 👀



Hey friend, I'm Elena! A former public teacher turned holistic fitness coach. I coach individuals looking to help their body do what it does best - THRIVE - through a holistic approach to fitness, hormones, and nutrition.

I've had my journey with Endometriosis and Hashimoto's, endless gut issues, and spent years feeling like there HAD to be a better way. 

Guess what... there is.

I'm now determined to bring the education and support to others that I needed for myself 10 years ago.

I'm on a mission to help busy and stressed out individuals take care of their bodies, but in a way that also support hormones, gut health, and promotes positive body image. All without giving up your favorite foods, social events, and freeing you from guilt around food and exercise.

I know you're sick of your own reasons why you can't do it now, or why it's too hard, or going back to the things that 'worked' [even though you gained the weight back]. It's time for something new.

It's time to Dump Your Diet.™️

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